Renáta Sandra-Tóth: Constancies / Quintessential / Useless Chemical Valency
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Renáta Sandra-Tóth: Constancies / Quintessential / Useless Chemical Valency

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Amikor kihirdették a Panodyssey harmadik pályázatának nyerteseit, a Panodyssey két nagykövete, Deres Kornélia és Simon Márton is megerősítette a laudációjában, mennyire erős volt a mezőny - ezért nem is tíz, hanem 19 névből állt a shortlist. A harmadik helyezett Sandra-Tóth Renáta lett Constancies, Quintessential és Useless Chemical Valency című verseivel. A pályamunkákat Sipos Tímea fordításban most angolul is elolvashatod.


Renáta Sandra-Tóth: Constancies

Translated by Tímea Sipos

The flowers in the hospital garden are angry.

The travelers have tricked them.

Those who cry in a child’s voice are ready for retrieval in the lobby.

The will to live leans out of windows. 

Restricted tourists covered in terrycloth robes and cigarette smoke talk about how responsibility will not move into their unheated homes.

When the grapevines flower, the number of addictive wrinkles rises.

Cope by candlelight, during penetration without consent, with a growling stomach. 

Courage soaked in puddles. 

What might a pair of eyes belonging to a size 13 shoe remember?

(The fairytale book was written for those whose backpacks are carried by others) 

By then a dissertation will have grown out of that same sample pattern:

Vomit-inducing drug of a dog barking chain,

anti-vomiting drug of a dog barking chain,

one and the same.

Exclamation marks lean on dunes, 

but one day, all the cuts will soften and turn into weekdays dipped in scars.


Your deepest, continuous philosophy bathes in trauma bondage.

It’s not short enough.


Renáta Sandra-Tóth: Quintessential 

Translated by Tímea Sipos

To sit in the green at six in the morning.

The sound of the pots still press on my eardrums.

I’m thinking about where I left my reality’s stop sign and which philosophy is more important: the when or the how? 

My own smile comes to mind.

I enjoyed spring the most when I scratched the mosquito bite until it bled back in February.

I would hide in the wardrobe as many times as I wanted.

No one noticed a crumbling seven-year-old.

Dinner was always something light. 

Nothing painful, or with wings. 

This is why I never had any stomach pains at home. 

I miss my knocking boots and Dad’s soft palms.

I never wanted to be an astronaut, and yet I amble about a different universe with a chess board tucked under my arm.

I once stole the car.

I sat behind the steering wheel, turned on the radio, even pulled down the visor. 

I turned the wheel with eyes closed and chuckled at the hitchhikers.

The glaze left its smell inside my nose.

Mixed with pork stew and a freshly washed dill cloud.

The prescription contacts in my eyes got ruined, but underwater I could hear everything crystal clear.

There were secrets hidden inside the blazer’s pockets.

Inside the piano, the 19th century and an elephant.

Quite early on, I became an owner of a hairbrush and responsible for the lawnmower.

The problem was with the clothespins. 

They always disappeared and you had to run for them in the wind. 

Used tiaras are never sold here.



Renáta Sandra-Tóth: Useless Chemical Valency

Translated by Tímea Sipos

I looked for you for the first time 

I dyed my hair red.

My sentences meant for you echoed off the bathroom tiles.

I tried to dissolve my doubt in a glass of carbonated water but stayed silent in a drought of lemon wedges. 

I left barefoot to climb a tree and meanwhile three boxes filled with June sour cherries.

I wanted to sell all the proper nouns out of me.

In the afternoon dog barking, I pulled on rubber boots and decided I’d learn pottery. 

A middle-ear infection on a ceramic plate.

I read the Bible to myself while jumping on the inherited ottoman, and simply notice that I missed the colors switching shifts.

I want to cry but I can’t speak teardrop.

I ball up the chamomile-scented tissues between my fingers and magically create June snow in the winter kitchen.

Where did you say you put the thunderstorm?